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Оцинкованная и окрашенная лента, штрипс. Роспуск рулонов.


       STRIP WIDTH           - 60 мм  -1250 мм

       SHEET THICKNESS - 0,3 мм -1,25 мм


       Would you like to buy strips?                        


The company “StalProfilInvest” Ltd. offers you galvanized steel strips as well as strips with
a polymer coating of any colour according to the RAI table.


As the main material applied the rolled steel that is from the leading Russian manufacturers
of metal rolling of the Trading House “MMK”, JSC “Severstal”, JSC “NLMK” etc.


We apply the polymer paint coating of the leading manufacturers in coating the metal strip.
The type of the paint coating can be in the form of polyester or plastisol.


Our own production of the strip and logistics allow us to strictly abide our own commitments.


Our prices will surprise you! You can see the price-list on the galvanized and paint strip here!


Our managers will help you to calculate the cost of the strip in tones, in squire meter, even
in linear meter! We will please you with our professionalism and responsiveness. You can
buy strips at the “StalProfilInvest” Ltd. at prices of the producers in Moscow. We cut
metal strips on the toll processing relations.



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        What is strips?                                            


A strip is one of the type of metal rolling, a tape of width 60mm-1250mm from thin rolled steel 0.3mm- 1.25mm.


The strip-tape is made of galvanized steel rolls according to GOST 14918 and GOST
52246-2004 or steel with polymer coating in accordance with GOST 52146-2003, a method of the
longitudinal disbandment to the tape of steel roll with a particular thickness of needed fixed width.
Strips received during the cut process are rolled back into rolls.


Our company holding a line with the longitudinal and cross strip cutting at its workshop that can guarantee own clients the smooth winding and qualitative edge without bends and wrecks!


Strip cutting speed is 30m/min. Strip cutting accuracy is ± 0,4 mm / m.



        Where is it applied?                                    


It is unbelievable but the field of use of the strips of steel metal tapes is unlimited. Demand on rolled strips grows with every day!




arrow    galvanized strips are applied as fastening elements for the transporting the wood;  

arrow    steel tape is applied for transporting fastening, for example, for binding, fastening a box
      container, barrels and other vessels.




arrow   metal tapes are applied in laying the different communications, installation of ebbs and gutter

arrow   galvanized steel tape or cold rolled tape can be a universal substitute for collars, clamps and
     washers during the construction.




arrow   rolled strip is applied as a pattern for producing other metal rolled products, for example,
arrow   metal strips are also applied for producing the electric welding tubes;
arrow   strips are necessary in some types of metal working as well, for example, for bending metal,




arrow   strips are frequently applied in producing the building profiles (profiles for drywall, window
arrow   in producing cables – a tape is applied as a protective coating for a cable and fastening coils
     in producing cables; in manufacturing the ventilation equipment.




arrow   strips are frequently applied as packing steel tape and packing lock in packing and
     transporting articles, particularly, the large-sized articles subjected to the temperature
     changes and long distance transportation.   

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