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What are the painted coatings for metal?                               


Metal with polymer coating (cold rolled and galvanized steel) is a complex multilayered “pie” consisting of the layer of chemically processed metal, priming layer, ultimate coating that are classified into the face and reverse enamel. In some cases the colorless varnish is additionally put to the face enamel. 


There 8 groups of resins depending on the type of application amongst LMK put by the method Coil Coating:


 arrow epoxy,

 arrow polyester,

 arrow acrylic,

 arrow polyurethane,

 arrow modified silicone, polyamide,

 arrow polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF).


The largest dissemination as the ultimate coatings for the products from metal rolled stock such as profiled flooring, metal tile, sandwich-panels, and strip received on the basis of polyester resins as the price and good operational characteristics are optimum balanced in them. The combination of these properties was defined the maximum application of coating on the basis of polymer resins at the plants of Russia and CIS.


From the standpoint of resistance to atmospheric impact, ultraviolet radiation, mechanical damages and corrosion resistance should be taken into account the coatings on the basis of PU, PVC and PVDF that are less widely-used at the markets of Russia.


What are the types of polymer coatings?                                


Polyurethane coating is a coating on the basis polyurethane and which is mostly modified with polyamide. It has a silky matte structural surface. A material possesses a high chemical stability, colourfastness, and maintains big daily allowances of temperature differences (up to 120 ºС), resistant to the mechanical impact. The standard coating thickness is 50 microns. Despite the expensiveness of this type of LMK comparing to the polyester materials, it is one of the most optimal coating on set price/characteristic nowadays.


PVDF is a coating on the basis of a mix of polyvinylidene fluoride and acrylic resins. It has a glossy surface, beautiful lustre, possesses the properties of self-cleaning. The material is resistant to mechanical damages and differs by the high ratings of corrosion and atmospheric stability. It can be applied in the excited environments, on the sea coasts and in the industrial zones. It is complemented splendidly with transparent varnish of striking pigments for the formation of the surface of metal shade, as well as the additional protection of ultraviolet radiation. The coating thickness is 27 micron.


Plastisol is a coating on the basis of vinyl chloride and plasticizer (softener). It has a imprinted surface, and on the coating of thickness 200 micron can be rolled a drawing or attached a imprinted invoice surface.  Due to the big thickness the coating is quite resistible to mechanical damages, particularly, in the conditions of polluted environment. It has a less light resistance in comparison to a polyester product. Unfortunately, this material possesses a low temperature resistance, resistance to ultraviolet radiation that limits its application in Southern regions.



The comparison of the properties of coiled steel polymer coatings           


Thickness, micron 25 50 27 200
Resistance to mechanical damages 3 4 4 5
Minimum radius of the bend, T-bend 3T 1T 1T 0T
Weather resistance (Kesternich test (30 cycles)), DIN EN ISO 3231:1998, number 4 4 4 5
Ultraviolet radiation resistance, number 4 4 5 4
Corrosion resistance , hours 500 1000 1000 1000
Integrity of appearance, number 3 4 5 3
Colourfastness, number 4 5 5 3
Maximum of t operation, C 120 120 120 60

It is seen from the table that the least thickness of the coating is on the basis of polyester resins (PE) (as a result, and the charge of paint by 1 m2 surface), that defines the preferences of domestic metallurgical enterprises to PE-coating application, - such coatings are cheaper for manufacturers.


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