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Coiled steel, application of coiled steel


The base of coiled steel is a cold rolled sheet with zinc layer of a determined thickness applied to it. Such advantages of coiled steel as durability and resistance to the thermal excursion as well as relatively low cost define the domain of application of given material. It is through these qualities, coiled steel has extremely wide filed of application. It is especially used in a building branch. This is not surprising that coiled steel is the base for production of such popular material as profiled flooring. Such steel is also used for manufacturing of sandwich-panels and metal tile as well as for manufacturing of different types of metal constructions. Furthermore, coiled steel is a perfect material for production of gutter systems, various profiled products, mouldings, visors other quite useful and required items.


Galvanized coiled steel possesses high resistance to corrosion, due to what this material is irreplaceable in agriculture where there is an aggressive environment. Therefore, it is frequently used in the erection of towers for silage as well as for various storage facilities and bunkers. There is also a need in coiled steel during the production of different household equipment as the cases of electric and gas cookers, washing machines, refrigerators and huge amount of other similar devices.  For this reason, coiled steel is painted with applying modern technology. Moreover, galvanized coiled steel is a very attractive decorative material. Furthermore, the variety of colours is huge, and the stability of colour layer is many times higher than high-quality paint.


Galvanized steel in rolls is also characterized by the high extrusion of metal that allows producing various volumetric designs and details.


Apart from all domains of application described above, coiled steel is quite required in such branches as automobile industry, ship-building, instrument engineering, machine building, railway car building.

In general, coiled steel is a practically universal material and it is quite uneasy to find a branch where it would be not applied.