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Advantages of coiled steel


The advantages of coiled steel became the determining factors of being a universal building material in a modern construction. Having the best corrosive stability, durability, small weight, convenience of use (the length of the manufacturing article is not limited) – it is applied in pressing of metal articles, in manufacturing of metal siding, metal tile, the wall and roof sandwich-panels, gutter systems as well as in manufacturing of profiles and figured elements.


Coiled steel with polymer coating is resistant to the hot and cold weather, moisture and it is easy to clean from the pollution. It is firesteady and ecofriednly. It is used for manufacturing the cases of household appliances. It is applied during the interior finishing of buildings and constructions; the application of coiled steel is used for every possible fence of the courts and garden sections.


The storage and transportation of coiled steel is due to higher ratings of protection from mechanical damages at the expenses of formation of the roll by face sheet (with applying the colour polymer coating inwards). All made steel passes the process of passivating.


Transportation to the destination is carried out in a rolled up condition. The packing of rolls supplies convenience not only storage but also transportation and operation. The width of the roll and its metric area has a few positions mentioned in the catalogues of “StalProfil” Ltd.


The range of coil stock is big; therefore, the choice given to the customers is huge.


Depending on the field of application different thickness variants of coating, width and lengths of rolls, face and reverse coating exists. The production of coiled steel is specified by the GOSTs. The process of production is based on the rolling of strips, annealing and galvanizing. Studying of the roll is a process before the receipt of finished products. The hot method of galvanizing the metal is more open than galvanic, that enables to issue the production on prices accessible for wide application.


Our company spares constant attention to the development of consumer qualities, and all what is offered to a consumer, is maximally qualitative building materials.