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Coiled steel. Galvanized Coil Coated Steel

The StalProfil Group offers the highly-quality galvanized coil coated steel on affordable price from the leading manufacturers (NLMK, MMK, Severstal), as well as makes an order on painting the galvanized steel by the polymer coating into any colour in a minimal amount of time at the own equipments according to the RAL catalogue.

Our company offers a wide range of rolls galvanized in accordance with the GOST 52246 and by the polymer coating in accordance with the GOST 52146.

Coiled steel is a widely distributed building material differs by the durability and simplicity of processing. The spectrum of its application is very wide: it serves as a basis for the manufacturing of the profiled sheet, metal roofing sheet, sandwich-panels, light metal construction, strips and applied consistently in a civil and industrial construction.

Painted coiled steel

Our industrial complex is equipped by the highly-quality equipment where the galvanized steel coil is subject to the special processing which implies the applying of polymer coating.

The entire process is well tried and tested which is resulted in the perfectly smooth homogeneous surface.

There is applied the innovative method Coil Coating for painting the rolled metal that it is a guarantee of a high quality. The main advantage of the technology is an opportunity of the further processing of a metal into the finished products without the infringement of the film.

The coating is well resistant to the different types of the mechanical deformations as to stamping, cutting, extracting, cutting down and etc. that allows manufacturing such products as profiled sheeting, metal roofing sheet, wall and roof sandwich-panels, completed elements, drainage systems, and are applied in the case of manufacturing the profiled and figured elements.


  1. All types of coating
    One and two-sided painted coiled steel with the different types of coating served as the reliable protection for the galvanized coiled steel: plastisol, polyester, pural, PVDF, printech, matte textured polyester.
  1. The wide assortment
    The wide-ranged coiled steel is presented of a thickness from 0.25 mm to 0.8 mm, the colour palette totals more than 200 colours according the table of RAL. The list of the standard colours is available and constantly grows depending on clients’ needs. At the moment the main palette consists of most popular enamels such as 1014, 3005, 3009, 3011, 5002, 5005, 6002, 6005, 7004, 7035, 7047, 8017, 9002, 9003, and the others are purchased if necessary.
  1. The best painted and varnished materials
    For the painting we apply only the enamels of high quality and European manufacturers. We cooperate with the audited companies only!
  1. Short deadline
    Quick delivery of products is attributable to the shipment and takes place during three days from the moment of payment upon pre-booking, and if it is available in a warehouse!
  1. High quality. Accurate terms
    All products are produced directly at the factory according to the GOST and due to which we can control the quality and delivery term.

If you would like to order the galvanized coiled steel with polymer coating and need to obtain
necessary information on the assortment, please, contact the sales department at:
+7(495) 685-95-85 или e-  mail:manager@stprofile.com

    We are always glad to see and hear our permanent and new clients!